Ruby Sparx - A Virgin in the world of Porn

Ruby Sparx Chastity Makes Her Even More Exciting

Ruby Sparx is born on June 19th 1993. So her 25th Birthday is coming up. She’s not like the other models featured on our blogs. Technically she is supposed to be a virgin. As you will see, she doesn’t mind exposing her body and shove huge dildos up her twat. Still, no cock has been allowed up her snatch. a Lesbian? Not only is she not a lesbian, she wants to save her cunt to the right man.  On the other hand, can we considered a twat that has had such a huge dildo into her a virgin? Indeed we can!

Another difference with Ruby compared to other girls on this blog. Her delicious hairy pussy. Not a beaver and a bush, hair is nicely trimmed. It’s sexy. Furthermore, her natural sized tits and well shaped body only proves her to be created to arouse us. Raise your hand if you’d like to take her Chastity. 

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